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Category: Handouts

Circle Of Fifths Exercise

This is hands down the most valuable exercise I ever learned on mallet percussion. It shaped my brain to be able to make order of the notes as opposed to everything feeling like a random mess!

Timing Patterns

Timing patterns are a set of patterns designed to help develop your Dominant Hand Sticking – sometimes known as Natural Sticking. This is where your dominant hand plays all of the downbeats and the &’s, and the sub-dominant hand plays all of the e’s and a’s. Working this exercise will help develop a sense of ‘sight-rhythms’ as well as develop a default sticking through muscle memory.

The Grid!

The Grid is a classic exercise that takes you through all possible accents for a group of four notes. The real fun begins when you start using it ways other than accents.

For your next challenge try the Triplet Grid on page 2!

Click To Download The PDF!

Timpani Primer!

This is a great Timpani Primer to give to all your students as well as post on the wall next to your timpani. It has all the info a student needs, from sizes and ranges of the four standard timps, to tuning tips, strike zones, grip and muffling. This is an essential for students, private instructors, and band directors! Click here to download!

Otto Percussion Studio Timpani Handout (Page 1)
Otto Percussion Studio Timpani Handout (Page 2)

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