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Bio/Contact Information

Jeremy Otto is a Detroit based drummer, percussionist, and most important to his identity, an educator. As with many players he’ll tell you he’s seen it all. From original rock to symphony orchestras, from percussion ensemble to triangle with a flute ensemble, from country covers to jazz on a boat as background music to be ignored, he’s played almost every gig imaginable.

Like many he fell into teaching after years of playing, and like many he saw teaching as a part of being a player – one of those things you did but wasn’t your main focus, like how your high school baseball coach was also the most checked out history teacher in the history of history teachers.

… and then the band broke up, and Jeremy wasn’t quite sure what to do next. There were still gigs, but the band that was going to make him a rockstar was no more. He started to realize that he really enjoyed his job teaching private lessons. He started thinking about going back to school. Five years later he found himself with a bachelors degree in Music Education from Oakland University.


Jeremy Otto is a drummer, percussionist, writer, recording engineer and mixer, audio producer, video producer, cinematographer, video editor, website editor, label head, music distributor, graphic designer, band teacher, conductor, arranger, composer, techie, and more. If it’s related to music, he’s done and continues to do it all. Most importantly however, Jeremy Otto is a dedicated music educator, looking to spread his knowledge and love of music to everyone, hoping to show them that they can do it too.


At Otto Percussion Studio we specialize in Drum and Percussion lessons for all ages and abilities. Give us a call or text at 248 783 6520 or send an email to to set up lessons. If you’re local to Lake Orion, Rochester, Troy or the surrounding areas of North Oakland County, MI you can come directly to the studio. If not, we can set up lessons over the great series of tubes known as the internet!