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Parent Tip Series – Traits of the BEST Students

Part of the series on helping parents help their students get the most out of lessons

Parent Tip Series – Traits of the BEST students

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Video Transcript

Hi Facebook, Jeremy Otto of Otto Percussion Studio here, and I’m here to help parents help students get more of their music lessons.
Today we’re going to talk about one specific characteristic of THE BEST students. 
We’re going to start with the assumption that these students put in an appropriate amount of practice for their level. That being said, as long as they practice a little, what we’re going to talk about applies. 
In terms of what they practice students are on a spectrum between doing everything you ask them to and doing nothing you ask them to. A student that does everything you ask is good. They will have a good technique and clean approach to to the instrument. A student that does none of the things you ask them to will do good things as well, as odd as that seems. It really means they’re doing the things they want to do instead. This is going to give them a sense of independence and autonomy over their music. Both these worlds sound great right? And that’s why THE BEST students fall right in the middle. They do the things you ask them to, and they also do the things they want to do. Those students take the studious, methodological world of music lessons and apply it to the music they want to learn and perform, and become THE BEST musicians. 
It’s pretty common to have a parent tell a student that is not working on their lesson material that they need to do more of that, but if you have a student that ONLY works on their lesson material, suggest they spend some time goofing off. It might be the best thing for them 
Thanks for watching. If you have any questions about how much your student should be practicing please send me a message or of course we can talk about it at lessons. If you haven’t already please ‘like’ the page and maybe share this video with others that might find it helpful. Thanks again, Lets hit it. 

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