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Friday Playalong

The Friday playalong is a tradition going back to the beginning of the pandemic, a way for us to get together and play along to some songs. Every Friday at 4 students can log into a zoom meeting where I stream a playlist and play along to it. Students have to be muted to the room due to internet delay, but we’re all together in the same meeting playing along to the same tunes. Students need not worry if they’re perfect on the songs since me and the music is all they can hear. If they choose they can turn their camera off as well. It’s completely fine to show up just to watch and hang out too. While this is mostly geared towards drumset players, some students do show up to work their hand chops as well. A good way to make playing paradiddles more fun is to see if you can play them for the entirety of a beloved song. Feel free to stop by, all are welcome, and please feel free to ask if you have any questions! (

The top five tunes are the ones featured in this week’s playalong.